Tuesday, 18
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Tour 15 and Round 179

Good weather and very good group (12/16)
Removed all players haven’t seen for a year or more. Still welcome to come back when fit or able.
1st  Chopper 19(8) 2nd  Corpse 17(8) 3rd Curtain 16(8) 4th Hutch 16(10) 5th Rocky 15(8)
Loser Puddles 9(3)  
Highest individual scores Chopper 11, then Tiger and Corpse 9

The Awards list.
Already have some movement here
Sandmen: Goldie on 2
Frogmen:  this still captured by 4 on 1
3 P boys:   Goldie take this as well on 2
Roadrunners: Hutch moves away from the pack on 2
Looooooosers: Chopper, Puddles