Tuesday, 18
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Tour: 15 Round 182

Bad weather but good group (10/16) and a visitor 2nd visit
All Visitors and past IT Members Welcome.
1st  Puddles 18(6) 2nd  Simple 17(11) 3rd Goldie 16(15) 4th Larney 15(4) 5th Tiger 14(4)  
Loser Corpse 12(6)  
Highest individual scores Puddles 12 followed by Larney 11, then Tiger 10
Remember Guys we said we will collect R100.00 each towards the new shirts. Plus tour cost of R150.00.

The Awards list.
Already have some movement here
Sandmen: Blue take over the lead on 3
Frogmen:  Goldie and Blue now joined by Simple on 2
3 P boys:  Blue takes control here on 4
Roadrunners: Hutch moves away from the pack on 3
Looooooosers: Chopper, Puddles, Goldie, Curtain, Corpse