Tuesday, 18
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Tour: 15 Round 184

Good weather and Large group (13/17) and 1 visitor
Good to welcome an Old IT member Outhouse was good to see you on the mighty Augusta
Big Thank you our Sponsor for our new shirts and Caps.
All Visitors and past IT Members Welcome.
1st  Corpse 20(9) 2nd  Larney 17(4) 3rd Giant 17(8) 4th Goldie 17(15) 5th Pigeon 16(10) missing out Simple, Lockey, Blue on 16 
Loser Puddles 9(6)  
Highest individual scores Larney 13 and Corpse 11

The Awards list.
Now at about the half way point a picture is starting to take place.
Sandmen: Blue, Simple now joined by Corpse on 3
Frogmen:  Goldie, Blue and Simple on 2
3 P boys:  Blue takes control moving ahead on 5
Roadrunners: Hutch moves away from the pack on 4
Looooooosers: Chopper, Puddles x2, Goldie, Curtain, Corpse, Simple