Tuesday, 18
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Tour: 15 Round 185

With a very small group with our Nomads on National duty and some not that well. (7/17)
I know this for some is long weekend but we still have a game on Friday 22nd 2019
All Visitors and past IT Members Welcome.
1st  Hutch 19(12) 2nd  Blue 17(13) 3rd Curtain 15(11) 4th Simple 13(11) 5th Lockey 13(12)  
Loser Giant 11(7)  
Highest individual scores  very low scoring Hutch on 7 and Corpse on 5

The Awards list. 

Now past half way point a picture is really taking shape.
Sandmen: Blue, once again takes charge on 4
Frogmen:  Goldie, Blue and Simple on 2
3 P boys:  Blue takes control moving ahead on 5
Roadrunners: Hutch moves away from the pack on 4
Looooooosers: Chopper, Puddles x2, Goldie, Curtain, Corpse, Simple, Giant