Tuesday, 18
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Tour: 15 Round 187

With a good turnout 11/17 with one injured.
Good weather although we were unable to use our normal fines spot the back of a bakkie works well
It Was Confirmed that our away game will be on the 13th April 2019 more details to follow a little later.
All Visitors and past IT Members Welcome.
1st  Puddles 19(7) 2nd  Curtain 19(11) 3rd Chopper 18(6) 4th Lockey 17(13) 5th Simple 16(12) and losing out Goldie 16(14)   
Loser Giant 11(8)  
Highest individual scores  Puddles and Chopper on 12, with Larney on 11

The Awards list.
These are nearly fix in stone as Tour is almost over.
Sandmen: Blue, joined by Simple on 4
Frogmen:  Simple take command on 3
3 P boys:  Blue takes control moving ahead on 5
Roadrunners: Hutch moves away from the pack on 4
Looooooosers: Chopper, Puddles x2, Goldie, Curtain, Corpse, Simple, Giant x2, Rocky