Tuesday, 18
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Tour: 16 Round 192

With a good turnout 11/16. And one visitor
Scoring on the low side.
All Visitors and past IT Members Welcome.
1st Tiger 17(5) 2nd Puddles 17(6) 3rd Pigeon 17(10) 4th Lockey 16(11) 5th Blue 16(12)
Loser Giant 11(8)
Highest individual scores Tiger on 12 and Puddles on 11

The Awards list.
Sandmen: Lockey stays in on 2 and joined by Tiger and Blue
Frogmen: Curtain and Lockey start swimming on 2
3 P boys: Giant on 2 joined by Pigeon “IF ONLY”
Roadrunners: Tiger takes the lead on 3
Looooooosers: Puddles, Pigeon, Swys, Giant