Tuesday, 18
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Tour: 16 Round 193

Good Day Guys
With a very poor turn out not sure why only 7 /16
Scoring on the low side although the ghost was the highest he has been.
All Visitors and past IT Members Welcome.
1st Simple 18(12) 2nd Blue 18(12) 3rd Giant 17(10) 4th Corpse 16(9) 5th Lockey 15(11) and losing out on a count-out Curtain 15(11)
Loser Pigeon 14(9)
Highest individual scores Giant and Corpse with 7

The Awards list.
Sandmen: Lockey moves ahead again on 3
Frogmen: Curtain and Lockey and now Corpse and Pigeon join for swimming lessons on 2
3 P boys: Pigeon takes over the lead on 3 “IF ONLY”
Roadrunners: Tiger is joined by Curtain on the run on 3
Looooooosers: Puddles, Pigeon x2, Swys, Giant