Tuesday, 18
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Tour: 16 Round 194

With a good group of guys even with the weather. 10 /16
With a new member qualifying to join at the end of the game we teed off with some thunder around, although not much lightening.
There is something about if your names starting with a (P) 3 Wins and 4 Looooosers
1st Pigeon 20(10) 2nd Tiger 17(4) 3rd Corpse 17(9) 4th Lockey 17(11) 5th Hutch 15(9)
Loser Puddles 11(5)
Highest individual scores Tiger with 13, Pigeon 10 and Corpse with 8

The Awards list.
Sandmen: Lockey joined by Tiger on 3
Frogmen: Curtain and Lockey and now Corpse and Pigeon join for swimming lessons on 2
3 P boys: Pigeon takes over the lead on 3 “IF ONLY”
Roadrunners: Tiger is joined by Curtain on the run on 3
Looooooosers: Puddles x2, Pigeon x2, Swys, Giant