Tuesday, 18
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Tour: 16 Round 198

With a good turn out and one visitor. 12 /17 + 1 visitor
Reminder next week game will be the 200th please see if can invite anyone that has played to come along.
Wear the oldest Irish Tequilas kit you have.
1st Hekkie 19(9) 2nd Pigeon 19(10) 3rd Lockey 18(10) 4th Simple 18(12) 5th Puddles 17(4) losing out Corpse 17(10)
Loser Goldie 13(12)
Highest individual scores Tiger and Puddles 13 and Hekkie with 10

The Awards list.
Sandmen: Lockey takes the lead on 5
Frogmen: Pigeon takes the lead for swimming lessons on 4
3 P boys: Pigeon keeps the lead on 5 “IF ONLY”
Roadrunners: Blue has taken over on 4
Looooooosers: Puddles x3, Pigeon x2, Swys, Giant, Helenx2, Goldie