Tuesday, 18
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Tour: 17 Round 203

Had large group and many visitors with some high scoring
1st AH 22(13) 2nd Skippie 20(12) 3rd Hutch 19(11) 4th Tubeless 19(12) 5th Rocky 18(10) losing out Swys 18(11)
Loser Pigeon 10(7)
Most individual points AH on9 then Skippie, Rocky and Hutch on 8

The Awards list.
Sandmen: Here we have a clear leader Hutch on 3
Frogmen: Simple leads this on 2
3 P boys: No clear leader but lots of candidates
Roadrunners: Pigeon is starting to run away with this on 3
Looooooosers: Puddles, Lockey, Pigeon