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1. Competition

  • 1a. Competition will be decided over 9 holes only
  • 1b. All competions will be IPS format with all players to scratch - eagle 4pts, birdie 3pts, par 2pts, bogey 1 pt, +2 pick up. Max on card par+2 strokes
  • 1c. Determining of competition winner/loser and penalties
  • 1c.i. The winner will be the player with the highest pts tally after hcp added in the round(e.g. 9pts+7hcp=16). Should a tie occur the lowest hcp will win.
  • 1c.ii. The loser will be player with lowest points tally after hcp added to pnts scored in round (e.g. 5pts +7hcp=12). Should a tie occur the highest hcp will lose.
  • 1c.iii. The loser will pay R30.00 to the pool and 1 Irish Tequila will be consumed.
  • 1d. Penalties
  • 1d.i. Last player to 3 putt, last player in a bunker and last player in a water hazard will consume an Irish tequila and pay R10.00 to the pool. This applies to each 3 or 4 ball.
  • 1d.i.a. "Last player to 3 putt" A putt is any shot played with a putter irrespective of whether it is on or off the green. Only putters may be used on the green.
  • 1d.i.a.1.The last hole must be played out as in medal. Pts will be scored to 1 over but the ball must go in the hole, for 3 putt rule. Players must putt out in strict order as per the etiquette of golf. Tap ins will be marked and putted out in the correct order.
  • 1d.i.b. "Last player in a bunker"- all sand traps are determined as bunkers.
  • 1d.i.c. "Last player in a water hazard" - casual water is not included. Water hazards as per the R&A rules
  • 1d.i. Missing of a playing session
  • 1d.ii. Any player missing a round without an excuse will be given a score of -2 strokes for handicapping purposes. Exceptions follow:
  • 1d.ii.a. Any player, playing an official golf day (i.e. Nomads or coporate) will be exempt from rule 1dii having given 7 days notice thereof.
  • 1d.ii.b. Members on official business away from home will be exempt from rule 1dii having given 7 days notice. (eg. Overseas />100 km from home)
  • 1d.ii.c. Members may miss two (2) sessions in a season, but not concurrently and will be exempt from rule 1dii. Notification must be proffered four hours before play commences.
  • 1d.ii.d. Any member supplying information fraudulently or manipulating circumstances, lying about whereabouts will be peanilised -6 shots and al cup points will be removed. Any member assisting another member in this act will suffer the same penalty
  • 1e. Season Cup Competition
  • 1e.i. Cup points are earned each week by finishing in the top 5. 1st= 6pts, 2nd=4pts, 3rd=3 pts, 4th=2 pts, 5th= 1 pt. Should players tie for a position the points will be awarded from lowest to highest hcp.
  • 1e.ii. The winner will be the player to have accumulated the most points during a season.
  • 1e.iii. Visitors will not be allocated Cup points.

2. Handicapping

  • 2a. Handicaps will be calculated on the Stableford points system according to the esteemed "Nomads Golf Society".
    6 pts or less plus 5 shots 7-8 pts plus 4 shots 9-10 pts plus 3 shots 11-12 pts plus 2 shots 13-14 pts plus 1 shot
    15-16 pts no change  17-18 pts minus 1 shot 19-20 pts minus 2 shots 21-22 pts minus 3 shots 23-24 pts minus 4 shots
    25-26 pts minus 5 shot 27-28 pts minus 6 shots 29-30 pts minus 7 shots 31 pts or more minus 8 shots No Show -2 shots
  • 2a.i.
  • 2b. A start hcp will be given to each player at the first round of each new season.
  • 2b.i. Hcps will be determined thus:
  • 2b.i.a Any player with an official SAGA hcp will play off half of that hcp. The hcp will be rounded up(7.5 to 8).
  • 2b.i.b Players without official SAGA hcps will be given a start hcp determined by majority vote of players on the day. Previous season will be taken into account
  • 2b.i.c Visitors hcps will be determined by the above rules

3. Fees

  • 3a. A match fee of R10.00 per player will be payed to the treasurer each round. This fee is not included in the club fee.
  • 3b. Members will be liable for match fees regardless of whether they play or not. Should a round be cancelled no match fee will be charged.
  • 3c. All monies collected will go towards the end of season game. Funds will be used to buy drinks and food etc on said day.

4. Finances

  • 4a. A treasurer will be appointed each season by the members.
  • 4b. All monies will be payed to the treasurer (match fees & fines)
  • 4c. The treasurer shall keep a record of all collected monies.

5. General Rules

  • 5a. The above rules will be strictly adhered to. No concessions will be made for any reason. There are no reasons for missing a round.
  • 5b. Should a member pass away it would be appreciated if the funeral could be arranged on any day other than a Friday or before 13:00 on a Friday. It would be appreciated if a round of beers could be bought out of the estate.
  • 5c. Any player missing 3 consecutive rounds will be disqualified from the tour. Upon returning said player will play off start hcp -6.
  • 5d. Irish Tequila
  • 5d.i. A bottle of whisky is to be donated to the club at the start of a new season. Once this bottle is consumed it will be replaced by the loser on the day. In this case the loser will not pay R30.00 to the treasurer but will supply a new bottle for the next playing session. No person will supply more than once in a season.
  • 5d.ii. Irish Tequila must be consumed before leaving the golf club.
  • 5d.iii. All players will consume at least one Irish tequila
  • 5e. Hole in one: should any player obtain a hole in one, all players present will buy said player a drink. No drink shall be repeated. A beer quart will count as one drink. Different brands will be accepted as not being repeats. All drinks must be consumed on the same day after the game before 9:00pm